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Updated: Aug 19, 2019


Jinni, plural jinn, also called genie, Arabic jinni, in Arabic mythology, a supernatural spirit below the level of angels and devils. Jinn are beings of flame or air capable of assuming human or animal form and are said to dwell in all conceivable inanimate objects—stones, trees, ruins—underneath the earth, in the air, and in fire.

They possess the bodily needs of human beings and can even be killed, but they are free from all physical restraints.

Jinn delight in punishing humans for any harm done them, intentionally or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many diseases and all kinds of accidents; However, those human beings knowing the proper magical procedure can exploit the jinn to their advantage.

Belief in jinn was common in early Arabia, where they were thought to inspire poets and soothsayers. Even Muhammad originally feared that his revelations might be the work of jinn. Their existence was further acknowledged in official Islam, which showed that they, like human beings, would have to face eventual salvation or damnation.

Jinn, especially through their association with magic, have always been favorite figures in North African, Egyptian, Syrian, Persian, and Turkish folklore and are the center of an immense popular literature, appearing notably in The Thousand and One Nights. In India and Indonesia, they have entered local Muslim imaginations with the Qur’anic descriptions and Arabic literature.

However, both Islam and non-Islamic scholarship distinguish between angels, jinn and demons (shayāṭīn) as three different spiritual entities in Islamic traditions. We distinguish the jinn from demons in that they can be both evil and good, while genuine demons are only evil.


Allah has given jinn powers that he has not given to humans. Allah has told us about some of their powers such as the ability to move and travel quickly.

One jinni guaranteed to Prophet Suleiman (Solomon, peace, and blessings be upon him) that he would bring the throne of the Queen of Yemen to Jerusalem in a moment, faster than the time needed for someone to get up from where he was sitting. Allah Almighty says stalwart of the Jinn said: I will bring it thee before thou can rise from thy place.

Lo! I am strong and trusty for such work. One with whom was knowledge of the Scripture said: I will bring it thee before thy gaze return unto thee. And when he saw it set in his presence, Solomon said, this is of the bounty of my Lord.

He may try me whether I give thanks or am ungrateful. Whosoever gives thanks he only gives thanks for (the good of) his soul: and whosoever is ungrateful (is ungrateful only to his own soul’s hurt). For lo! My Lord is Absolute in independence, Bountiful.”


From all of the known creations of Allah (swt), the Jinn and the Humans are the only two creations with free will. All other creations, the animals, plants etc. they do not have a free will, all they do is worship Allah (swt). Angels do not have a free will either, they are under the direct command of Allah (swt), and they cannot go against this command. Unlike in Christianity, we as Muslims do not believe that Iblees (Lucifer) was an Angel, because Angels cannot go against the command of Allah (swt).

While the Jinn are similar to us, there are two major differences between them and us. First of all, the Jinn belong to the creations of the unseen. We cannot see them, while they can see us. Secondly, Allah (swt) created the Jinn from smokeless fire, while He created humans from clay and water. Also, it is commonly agreed that the Jinn have a nasty or provocative nature. Very commonly, they enjoy staying with impurity, meaning the love staying in bathrooms or people who do not frequently wash themselves.

Additionally, the Jinn can be divided into several groups, not regarding their skills, but their appearance and what they do. There are the:

· Normal Jinn

· Ifrit

· Shayateen

The normal Jinn are just like us. They eat, drink, go to work, they have families, they give birth, they marry and so on and so forth. They also follow the world religions. Some of them are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu etc.

The Ifrit are the most powerful of the Jinn, and commonly belong to the nastier group of the Jinn.

The Shayateen are the knights of Iblees. They have sworn themselves against Allah (swt), and their goal is to get as many people away from Islam, as possible.

Under these three “major” groups of Jinn (there might even be more), they can be divided into three other groups, concerning their skills

The different skills of the Jinn are mentioned in the authentic hadeeth:

· One that has wings and can fly

· One that can appear as animals, such as dogs, cats, camels, snakes, scorpions etc. (It is commonly known and agreed that they prefer the form of dogs and snakes)

· One that comes and goes

While the first two mentioned skills are quite self-explainable, the third one can be explained further. The ones that “come and go” are those who travel. They are fast, very fast. They are the ones that can be held accountable for hauntings.

As my fellow brothers have mentioned, one of the biggest sources of information about the Jinn come from the stories of Prophet Suleiman (pbuh) in the Qur’an. Allah (swt) gave Prophet Suleiman (pbuh) power over the Jinn, meaning, they had to follow his command because Allah (swt) told them so. At one time, one of the Jinn told Prophet Sulaiman (pbuh) that he could bring the throne of Sheeba to him, before he is even able to stand up. And surely, he did. This tells us the following. They can materialize and dematerialize matter and transport it over great distances, and they can be very fast.

One of the biggest issues with the Jinn is that, if they see that you fear them, they will most likely take advantage of you. They can possess you. Prophet Muhammad (saws) said that the “Shaytaan flows through the son of Adam like blood”, meaning they can possess us. Some people who call themselves healers but are actually magicians and sorcerers, can use the Jinn to do evil. This is a major sin, as Allah (swt) has mentioned in the Quran.

“What they have concocted is but a slight of a magician. And the magician does not succeed, wherever he comes from.” (Surah Taha, Ch. 20 V. 69)

Finally, and most importantly, do not fear the Jinn. Even if some of their powers might seem supernatural to us, some of the things we are capable of doing, they are not. They might even be more scared of us, than we are of them. Do not fear the creation over the creator. Allah knows best


My husband has told me that in his country, many people including Shaykhs have gone to talk with the jinn. He told me that when someone has an ailment they go to the jinn for help. I have told my husband that I believe that this is haram (impermissible), but he says that it is halal (permissible) because the Shaykhs do that. Could you please give me some evidence (daleel) about this matter?


Praise be to Allah

1 – Seeking the help of the jinn or turning to them to fulfill one’s desires to cause harm or bring benefit is shirk or associating others in worship with Allah, because it is a kind of mutual benefitting whereby the jinn responds to the human’s requests and fulfills his needs in return for the human’s veneration of the jinn, turning to him and asking for his help to do what he wants.

Allah says (interpretation of the meanings):

“And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): ‘O you assembly of jinn! Many did you mislead of men,’ and their awliya (friends and helpers) amongst men will say: ‘Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.’ He will say: ‘The Fire be your dwelling place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allah may will. Certainly, your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing.’

And thus, we do make the Zaalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers) awliya (supporters and helpers) of one another (in committing crimes), because of that which they used to earn.” [6:128]

“And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the males among the jinn, but they (jinn) increased them (mankind) in sin and transgression.” [72:6]

If a human seeks the help of a jinn to cause harm to another person, or seeks his help for protection from the evil of a person whose evil he fears, all of this is shirk.

Whoever is like this, his prayer and his fasting are both invalid, because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely, (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers.”


If a person is known for doing this, then the funeral prayer is not to be offered for him if he dies, his funeral is not to be attended, and he is not to be buried in the Muslim graveyard.

2 – The Standing Committee was asked a similar question, which said:

I would like to inform you that in Zambia there is a Muslim man who claims that he has jinn with him, and the people go to him and ask him to heal their diseases, and this jinni prescribes medicine for them. Is this permissible?

The answer is:

It is not permissible for this man to use the services of the jinn, and it is not permissible for the people to go to him, seeking treatment for their diseases through advice from the jinn, or to fulfill any needs in this manner.

Treating disease by means of human doctors and by using permissible medicines means that there is no need for that. This should be enough to free us from the control of these charlatans.

It was narrated in a saheeh hadeeth (authentic narration) that the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a fortune-teller and asks him about something, his prayers will not be accepted for forty days.” [Muslim]

The four authors of al-Sunan, and al-Hakim in a saheeh hadeeth, narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and believes what he said has disbelieved in that which was revealed to Muhammad.”

This man and his companions from among the jinn are to be regarded as fortunetellers and soothsayers. It is not permissible to ask them anything or to believe them.

And Allah knows best

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Allah has given the jinn power and ability that He has not given humans. Allah has informed us of some of their ability, including great speed and strength, along with their ability to possess both living and nonliving bodies.

Strong & Fast Moving

They can move from place to place very fast; and can carry objects/people along with them. From Majmu-al-fatwa of Ibn Tamiyya, we find stories about people who used to travel from place to place through the air – they were all carried by the Jinn. More stories tell us about people who lived far away from each other. Yet they used to communicate with each other through messages, all exchanged by a Jinn. There are hundreds of other stories that confirm the same ability.

This ability is also confirmed from the Quran that when Solomon (as) asked his men whether there is anyone who will bring me the throne of Bilqis (Queen of Sheba – who was on her way to surrender to Solomon). An Efreet from among the Jinn promised Solomon (as) that he would be able to bring the throne of Sheba to Jerusalem in a period of time that was so short that a man would not be able to stand from his place of sitting. But one who had knowledge of the Book said, “I will bring it before your gaze returns to you” Allah has described this incident in the Quran with the following verses:

“A strong among the Jinn (efreet) said: I will bring it to you before you can rise from your place. Lo! I verily am strong and trusty for such work. One whom had knowledge of the scripture said: I will bring it to you before your gaze returns to you. And when he saw it set in his presence, and he said, ‘This is from the bounties of my Lord’” (al-Naml: 39-40)

Builders & Divers

It is also known from the Quran that the Jinn used to build Castles for Solomon, those who would dive into the depths of Oceans and bring jewels and pearls from the depths below.

“” And (We gave him – Solomon) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from Our command, then We caused to taste the punishment of flaming fire. They made for him what he willed: Synagogues and statues, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground” ” (Saba 12-13).

““So, we made the wind subservient unto him (Solomon), setting fair by His command whatever he intended. And the devils, every builder and diver (made We subservient), and others linked together in chains.” ” (Saud 36-38)

Another verse in the Quran implies that they made Solomon a Castle of Glass [Quartz].

In preparation for the arrival of Bilqis, Prophet Sulayman (A) had ordered a palace of glass to be built. Under the glass floors, there was a pool of water with various kinds of fish swimming in it. When Bilqis arrived, he took her to the palace. The Holy Qur’an says:

“She was told, “Enter the palace.”; but when she saw it, she thought there was a pool of water and bared her legs. (Sulayman) said, “Indeed this is but a place of glass.” (She) said, “My Lord! verily I have been unjust to myself. I submit with Sulayman to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.” (Quran 27:44)

Likewise, the Pyramids and the wonders of Petra are plausibly all the work of the Jinn. We find much affiliation between the pharaohs and the jinn of that time in Egypt. I will write about this in detail, soon Insha’Allah. – Next Page

Defying gravity

We can expect this ability from the above two characteristics. The jinn used to go to the lowest heaven to eavesdrop on the inhabitants of the heavens in order to find out what event would occur in the future. When the Prophet (saw) was sent his message the number of ‘guards’ in the heavens were increased. Allah says in the Quran,

‘And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.’ ‘And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.’ ‘And we do not know [therefore] whether evil is intended for those on earth or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.’ (Al-Jinn: 8-10)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself described how the jinn tried to steal the messages in the heaven. Abu-Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) informed him, “When Allah decrees a matter in heaven, the angels move their wings in submission to His word which is like a chain on a smooth stone. When their hearts are delivered from fear they say, ‘What did your Lord say?’ and receive the reply, ‘That which He said is the truth and He is the Highest and the Greatest.’ Then those who listen by stealth hear it (i.e., the jinn), and they are like this, some above others (and Sufyan a narrator, illustrated this point by turning his hand over and separating the fingers). Then one who hears the word passes it on to the one below him, and so forth until one of them passes it to the tongue of a soothsayer or diviner. Often a flame catches him before he is able to pass it on. He then mixes with it one hundred lies. People then ask, ‘Isn.t it true that he not made such a statement on a specific date,’ and he is believed because of that one word which was heard from the heavens.” (Recorded by al-Bukhari in his Sahih)

However, from the Hadith about the types of jinn, not all jinn can fly.

Possessing Bodies

Other than the above, Allah has given Jinn the ability to Possess matter in our 3D world. They have the power to possess parts of the human body, from possessing an organ to possessing the whole body/mind. They can possess a bird/animal and speak through its tongue, even possess stones and trees likewise. But they, however, cannot possess every human. I will discuss Jinn possession in detail soon Insha’Allah.

Visions & Illusions

Another of their abilities is controlling the Thoughts and Visions of a Human. Hallucination, Bad dreams are nothing but the work of Jinn – if not psychological.

Hadith from Sahih al-Bukhari:

“If one of you sees a dream that he likes, it is from Allah. He should praise Allah for it and he should relate it to others. If he sees what he dislikes, it is from Satan. He should seek refuge in Allah from it and not mention it to anyone. Thereby, it will not harm him.”

People have witnessed solid statues moving and speaking to them. However, they might appear static to others at the same time. From Surah Taha in the Quran, we come to know of the reality of such deceptions, those which the magicians display with the help of Jinn.

[Moses] said, ‘No, you throw!’ Then lo! their cords and their staves, by their magic, appeared to him as though they ran” (at-Taha: 66)

Strong sense of Smell

Every human has a different composition of sweat, having a unique scent. Jinn are capable of following that. Magicians usually keep a piece of cloth/garment, belonging to the victim, with the CHARM/KEY. The Charm/Key acts as a portal & purpose for the jinn, and with it – the cloth/garment with the scent acts as an identity of the victim


While the world of the jinn is generally believed to be perfectly parallel to the human world, the

primary deference is that jinn are able to move between their world and ours, while humans cannot perform this task (Rothberg 2004:36).

Although the deference in nature between a jinni and a human is quite clear, the jinn, after Iblis was evicted from heaven, are further subject to limitations that humans are also limited by. The jinn cannot hear what goes on in heaven or see heaven.

The jinn, once upon a time, were able to y up and enter heaven whenever they liked. But they are no longer able to enter heaven, nor are they able to hear what is discussed in heaven. Furthermore, they are no longer able to know anything about destiny. Those jinn powers were removed when Iblis was evicted from heaven. “They are nonetheless still represented as being perfectly capable of rising up to heaven without divine assistance” (Chabbi 2003:48).

The divine guard at the gates of heaven requires all of its powers, launching against them very traces (Shihab), to throw them back to earth and prevent them from collecting the secrets of the future (Q-Assad 37:10; 72:8-9).

“Jinn are believed to be both less virtuous and less physical than humans, but like humans, endowed with the ability to choose between good and evil” (Esposito 2010). The jinn, like human Muslims, are required to worship Allah and follow Islam. The Qur’an states, “He governs all that exists, from the celestial space to the earth; and in the end all shall ascend unto Him [for judgment] on a Day the length whereof will be [like] a thousand years of your reckoning” (QAssad 32:5).

Like humans they have free will and the right to choose between doing good or evil (Rothberg 2004:29). This being said, there are stories of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian jinn. This just further explains the greatness of God allowing free will. In the same way that jinn are allowed the right to choose between doing good or evil, they are also allowed the right to choose their religion. Nevertheless, no maker what their religious beliefs, as afore-mentioned, all jinn will be judged on the Day of Judgment as promised by Allah.

In the jinn’s society they have social classes much like humans. They have kings, courts, armies, and rulers. Rothberg says that the jinn even have “wars and armies and they engage in negotiations and create treaties (2004:35).

They have communities just like humans. Jinn even get married!

They have families within their communities, just as humans do.

In addition, jinn, like humans, have the power to procreate. They have sexual intercourse in the same manner as humans. It is believed that humans and jinn have even inter-mingled and gotten married. In these marriages, humans and jinn have had children. “In any case, although people claim that such marriages occur presently and have occurred in the past, if such does occur, it is rare and strange. Furthermore, the one who performs it must seek the Islamic ruling concerning it. It could be a case that the one who does it is, in a sense, overpowered and has no way to escape that situation” (al-Ashqar 1998:23). Since jinn have stronger mystical powers than humans, it is presumed that the jinn use their powers to marry humans. This is also why an Islamic ruling is needed.

Powers of Jinn

That which clearly distinguishes jinn from humans are their powers and abilities. Muslims believe that God has given them these powers as a test for them. “If they oppress others with them, then they will be held accountable” (Mission Islam 2007). Because Muslims know and believe in the jinn’s powers, they feel they can often make sense of the many mysteries that happen in our world.

One of the powers of the jinn is that they are able to take on any physical form they like. “Thus, they can appear as humans, animals, trees and anything else” (Mission Islam 2007).

The ability to possess and take over the minds and bodies of other creatures is also a power that jinn are said to have utilized greatly over the centuries.

“This however, is something which has been prohibited to them, as it is a great oppression to possess another being” (Mission Islam 2007)

Types and Name of Jinn/djinn

Though there are technically several different types of beings that exist within the Jinn definition, it is also important to note that the Jinn have several subspecies of their own. It is unknown if the distinctions are created to differentiate between good and evil Jinn or actual races inside the Jinn group. It is thought that the truth is likely a combination of both answers. Surah 72 tells us there are three different types of Jinn that exist. There are also references to other types of Jinn in ancient texts.


Ifrit are a type of Jinn that are thought to frequent ancient ruins. There are many myths in modern day that the Ifrit protect the Egyptian pyramids and burial grounds. It is thought that if someone tries to open these areas without having an anti-spell, the Ifrit would come and kill the offender.

Ifrit are known to live in societies that are much like human worlds. They have royalty and social ranking that follows the example of Arabic tribal lines including tribes and clans. While they prefer to marry other Ifrit, they are known to be able to marry humans and have children with them. Ifrit are also known to have the power to grant wishes.

While Ifrit have free will and are known to be able to choose to be believers or non-believers, most Ifrit are considered to be wicked and malevolent creatures that should be avoided at all costs.


The Marid are one of the most well-known types of Jinn and are also thought to be the most powerful. They are the Jinn that most modern day understandings of genies are based off of and have the ability to shift form. The word ‘marid’ itself means ‘giants’, which speaks to their large form.

The Marid are known to be able to grant wishes and are likely the source of the ‘Three Wishes’ legend. However, obtaining these wishes come at a costly price. Most often, it requires a great deal of battle to obtain a wish. They can also be made to grant wishes if they are imprisoned with magic or if there is a ritual performed in their honor. Flattery has also been proven to work – but an extraordinary amount of flattery is needed to gain favor.


Ghoul are some of the most greatly feared Jinn because of their ability to shapeshift and their tendency to prey on humans. While all Jinn are feared to some extent, Ghoul are especially feared because of their craving for human flesh. While ghouls are usually content to feed on a corpse, they are also content to devour humans that are still living making them a great threat.

Ghouls are thought to frequent areas like graveyards, ruins, and places that are generally uninhabited. They tend to attack people who travel alone or who are in small groups that can be outnumbered by the ghoul pack. Female ghouls are especially feared because of their ability to appear as normal – and beautiful – mortal women. They convince human men to marry them and then devour them.


Hinn are a type of Jinn that tend to appear as dogs and other animals. They are known to be spotted most often in Arabia, Persia, and India. It is thought that there may be a connection between these types of Jinn and the strange dogs that would lure foreign soldiers into the desert during World War II and then disappear.


Jann are shape shifters who live in the desert and are some of the most open-minded and friendly Jinn to interact with humans. In fact, they were some of the first Jinn that interacted with humans. They are known to appear in the form of whirlwinds and white camels.

Jann can be mischievous as they have the ability hide or reveal the presence of an oasis depending on whether or not they like a group of travelers. Despite their mischief they are powerful allies – especially because they are the enemies of the ghoul.

Jann are also known to help humans in their war struggles throughout history. If the Jann decide that one army is righteous, they will protect the warriors who fight for the holy cause. If they deem an army to be unworthy, however, they are known to intervene and try to cause trouble.


Sila are shapeshifting Jinn that are thought to be fairly tolerant to humans compared to most Jinn. The Sila are thought to be fond of meddling in human affairs – though often with the attempt to help. It is unlikely that you will see a Sila though – they are very rarely sighted.


Palis is a type of Jinn that has many similarities to the vampires of Europe. They live in the desert and drain all the blood from their victims by licking the soles of their feet and sucking the blood out that way. However, the Palis are also of very low intelligence. You can outsmart a Palis if two people sleep end to end with the soles of their feet together or under each other’s heads.


The Qareen are perhaps one of the most interesting breeds of Jinn. It is thought that every person in the world is born with their own Qareen. This Qareen is the part of the human that causes them to do bad things and sin. It is possible to train the Qareen to become a servant, but it is thought that this process takes many years and can be dangerous. Successful endeavors, however, are very rewarding. The Prophet Muhammad turned his Qareen into a Muslim and did away with his evil nature entirely. Other benefits include:

· Obtaining information on any person in the world. Every human has a Qareen so if you make your Qareen your servant it can talk to others of its kind and report back to you.

· Knowing how to cure illnesses.

· Finding lost and stolen things.

· Influencing others Qareen to get that person(s) to do whatever you want.

· Being aware of anyone who is coming to see you before they arrive.


The Shayteen are evil Jinn that have no hope for salvation. They pledge their service to the evil one – Iblis (sometimes called Shaitan). The Shayteen are pure evil and are known to be the cause of many troubles in the human world. They are sometimes used and controlled by strong dark magicians.

Shayteen have the ability to cause illness and even death. They are also capable of much destruction and can cause a person to lose everything they have. Perhaps most dangerous of all though, Shayteen are known to have the ability to possess humans. While other Jinn also have this ability, the act is much more malevolent when done by a Shayteen.


The Vetala are often thought of as the original vampires and are a truly terrifying type of Jinn because they are able to possess corpses and prevent them from decaying. This allows them to move about freely in the human world and be virtually undetectable.

Vetala are also extremely intelligent and are thought to be natural psychics. They are often said to have the ability to read thoughts and tell a person’s future


According to traditions, the jinn stood behind the learned humans in Solomon's court, who in turn, sat behind the prophets. The jinn remained in the service of Solomon, who had placed them in bondage, and had ordered them to perform a number of tasks.

"And before Solomon were marshaled his hosts, - of jinn and men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks." (Qur'an 27:17)

The Qur'an relates that Solomon died while he was leaning on his staff. As he remained upright, propped on his staff, the jinn thought he was still alive and supervising them, so they continued to work. They realized the truth only when Allah sent a creature to crawl out of the ground and gnaw at Solomon's staff until his body collapsed. The Quran then comments that if they had known the unseen, they would not have stayed in the humiliating torment of being enslaved.

"Then, when We decreed (Solomon's) death, nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the jinn saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating penalty (of their task)." (Qur'an 34:14)

The Names of the Jinn Who Attended Solomon Son of David They Are Seventy

The jinn assert that Solomon son of David, for whom may there be peace, sat in audience and summoned the chief of the jinn and the shayatin, whose name was Fuqtus, to review them. So Fuqtus taught him to know the name of each jinni, one by one, and also its influence over the sons of Adam. Then he [Solomon] imposed upon them a contract and a pledge. After he had adjured them by that pledge and they had complied, they departed. The pledges were [in] the name of Allah, Exalted, Mighty, and Magnified.

THE JINN NAMES were: Fuqtus (فقطس), ‘Mrd(عمرد), Kywan (كيوان), Shimr‘al (شمرعال), Firuz (فيروز), Mhaqal (مهاقال), Zaynab (زيزب), Syduk (سيدوك), Jndrb (جندرب), Siyyar (سيار), Zanbur (زنبور), al-Da’hs (الراحس), Kawkab (كوكب), Hamran (حمران), Dahir (داهر), Qarun (قارون), Shidad(شداد), Sa‘sa‘ah (صعصعه), Baktan (بكتان), Harthamah (هرثمة), Takallum (بكلم), Furuq (فروخ), Hurmiz (هرمز), Hamhamah(همهمه), ‘Ayzar (عيزار), Mazahim (مزاحم), Murrah (مرة), Fatrah (فترة), al-Haym (الهيم), Arhbh (ارهبة), Khyth‘ (خيثع), Khyfth(خيفتة), Rayah (رياح), Zuhal (زحل), Zawba‘ah (زوبعع), Mhtukara (محتوكرا), Hayshab (هيشب), Tq‘ytan (طقيعطان), Wqas(وقاص), Qdmnh (قدمنة), Mufarrish (مفرش), Ayra’il (ابرايل), Nizar (نزار), Shftil (شفطيل), Dywyd (ديويد), Ankara (انكرا), Khatufah (خطوفة), Tnkyush (ننكيوش), Misalqar (مسلقر), Qadim (قادم), Ashja‘ (اشجع), Nawdar (نودر), Tythamah (تيشامة), ‘Usar (عصار), Thu‘ban (ثعبان), Naman (نامان), Nmudrky (نمودركى), Tyabur (طبابور), Sahitun (ساهتون), ‘Udhafir (عذافر), Mirdas (مرداس), Shytub (شيطوب), Za‘rush (زعروش), Sakhr (صخر), al-‘Aramram (العرمرم), Khashram (خشرم), Shadhan(شاذان الحرث), al-Harith (الحويرث), al-Hurth (الحويرث), ‘Udhrah (‘Adhirah) (عزره), and Faqruf (فقرون).

The Names of the Seven Whose Offspring These (jinn) Were:

The first was Danhash (دنهش), the first day; then Shakhba (شاخبا), the second day; Marbaya (مربيا), the third day; ‘Abara (عبرا), the fourth day; Mismar (مسمار), the fifth day; Namudarki (نمودركى), the sixth day; Bakhtash (بخطش), the seventh day.


Prophet Sulaiman had the rebellious jinn locked up inside jars, bottles (Qamaqim al-Suleimaniyya), lamps, coffers, ect. Material being of brass. Legend has it that the ring of Prophet Sulaiman was brass-and-iron, the brass gave him command over the good jinn, while the silver over the bad jinn.

During the time of Mūsā bin Nuṣayr, in the days of the Umayyads of Syria, a fisherman was dispatched to a lake around the Copper/Brass City who had brought up from its depth’s vessels made of copper soldered down and sealed. When one was broken open, a form, like that of a man but of gold and fully armed, came forth, and flew into the air crying out—"O Prophet of Allah, never will we do this again against thee!" On which, those who were present understood that Sulaiman—upon whom be peace—had imprisoned the jinn therein

among the sons of Adam has a jinni who has been appointed to be his constant companion (qarin). Ibn Mas`ud reports that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says: ‘There is not one of you who does not have a jinni appointed to be his constant companion. ‘They said, ‘And you too, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said, ‘Me too, but Allah has helped me and he has submitted, so that he only helps me to do good.’” (Reported by Muslim)

The Great Defiance

As aforementioned, the Qur’an teaches that jinn pre-existed human beings. But since the jinn were not doing as Allah (God) intended, he removed the evil jinn from earth and then proceeded to create the Garden of Eden and then the traditional Christian creation story was derived. However, the angels saw one jinni in particular, which was an orphan and took pity on him and decided to bring him up to heaven to reside with them.

This orphan jinn’s name is Iblis, commonly known as Satan. According to the Qur’an, Satan was never actually an angel, but rather, a jinni. Angels are made from light and jinn are made from fire. As the story continues, Allah finished creating the Garden of Eden and made Adam and Eve. Allah then designated that Adam would reign over all things on earth. Allah commanded that all of the angels and Iblis were to prostrate themselves before Adam. “They all prostrated themselves, save Iblis, who refused and gloried in his arrogance: and thus he became one of those who deny the truth” (Q-Asad 2:34).3 Iblis’ defiance of Allah’s order inadvertently resulted in his removal from heaven, never being able, under any circumstances, to return again. “I am better than he: thou hast created me out of re, whereas him Thou hast created out of clay. [God] said: Down with thee, then, from this [state]—for it is not meet for thee to show arrogance here! Go forth, then: verily, among the humiliated shalt thou be!” (Q-Asad 7:12-13). Upon Iblis’ departure, he asked Allah if he could live until the Day of Judgment. Allah granted Iblis’ request. “Said [Iblis]: Grant me a respite till the Day when all shall be raised from the dead” (Q-Asad 7:14). Many Muslims believe that it was during Iblis’ defiant fall when evil completely took over his entire being.

However, when Iblis asked Allah for life until the Day of Judgment is how the jinn became immortal. In Iblis’ anger, he began to attempt to argue with God and say harsh threatening words. “[Whereupon Iblis] said: Now that Thou hast thwarted me, I shall most certainly lie in ambush for them all along Thy straight way, and shall most certainly fall upon them openly as well as in a manner beyond their ken, and from their right and from their left: and most of them Thou wilt and ungrateful” (Q-Asad 7:16–17). Iblis “will take every path he can against them, on their right, left, in front of them and behind them. He will attack them from every direction” (al-Ashqar 1998:71). It is said that all the jinn living with immortality until the Day of Judgment, whether good or evil, are all descendants of Iblis

The Residence of Jinn

Since the great defiance of Iblis, jinn are not inhabitants of earth in quite the same manner as humans are. Jinn are the inhabitants of the subtle and immaterial, or subtly material, world (alam al-malakut) into which the material and physical world is plunged, as if into a liquid. “If we picture a room in our mind, the ‘medium’ in which that imagined room exists supports form, but is itself subtle; it is the alum al-malakut. In traditional cosmology, the physical world is a ‘crystallization’, or projection, out of the subtle world, the ‘ether’; the ‘ether’ is a projection out of the surrounding formless, or Angelic, world; and the Angelic world is projected out of Being” (Glasse 1989:457).

Jinn are said to be the inhabitants of the subtle world, some of whom are “non-central” beings like the non-human creatures of this world, while others are “central” beings, like humans. Jinn have free will, are endowed with an intellect, and are capable of grasping reality. Thus, some argue that they are capable of being saved. The jinn who occupy this central state have therefore religions and revelations, and some of their religions correspond to the religions of the world of men (Neuwirth 2001:442). It is said that during the Prophet Muhammad’s journey to Ta’if he recited the Qur’an at night in the desert and a party of the jinn came, listened, and believed. “Later their chiefs came to the Prophet Muhammad and made a bay’ah, or an allegiance, with him on the spot which is today the ‘Mosque of the Jinn’ in Mecca” (Esposito 2010).

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