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I don’t discriminate against anyone according to our spells or prayers. Never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.





There are numerous ways of performing wonders and miracles for people that are available. Well not all that I use them “ I was born with divine ancestral powers and also practiced spell casting with my family”. I have the art and have helped many people around the world. My spells have no side effects to those who take them and the ones they intend to use them on. However I will mention a few types of healing:



Treatment that uses natural powers, don’t have any conflicts with religion, tradition, norms and customs. Prophets of GOD had their traditions that they followed. Kings and queens have traditions that they follow and practice yet not conflicting with other beliefs.



Using satanic demons{shaytwan}, based healing/treatment. Shaytwan are creatures that disobeyed GOD in heaven and were cursed. Treatment received from them has many problems related to them like human sacrifices among others. This makes such a type of healing evil and contradicts with the accepted holly sacrifices among many beliefs and religions. The sacrifices are also against community, human law and constitutional law in your country. Just take an example when you are asked to offer your mother in for sacrifice what would you  feel? Not only are they so difficult and tiresome but also even when performed it bears side effects, back fires and continued offerings.



Fake/scum healing. People who disguise themselves as legit spell casters and extort money and property from people. They never have the powers or ability to deliver to their promises. But just waste your time and take money from you.



I Dr honey love spells follows laws, use natural divine powers, do not carry out un lawful sacrifices, contradict with other traditions and religions “beliefs”. A lot of people provide treatment but cant heal.

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