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The pridure one undergoes to get employment on a generalized project that is set by the government or private sector. There are many tender biding types in which one may undergo to secure the venture like Open tender, Selective tender, Negotiated tender, Single-stage and two-stage tender among others.

Many different people/companies apply to bid on these tenders respectively, even others just handpicked by the clients. Other than that there is always a tender board that evaluates the “cost/price, quality, security and many more”.

These affect the success a singular company to attain the tender it bids on.

Let me share some useful knowledge others may be ignoring, or even see as myths “Dr Honey love”. First of all do you believe in Dua/prayers and the solutions it provides? Well Its time you take it into consideration.

Your competitors always win the tenders using foul play example like bribery, black magic, have relatives on the tender board, had an affair with one person on the board. They have more resources than you, more experience; it’s a big company for GOD’s sake.

Fear not, when you pray with tender Dua/prayer with me “Dr Honey love” all your worries and enemies will be put to shame. There is an official criteria that must be followed to award the tenders, do you think it is really followed.

  1. · Remove the bad luck, black magic, Dua/prayers and more that your competition is using to cheat you when biding for the tender.

  2. My tender winning honey dua will turn all the board members to your favor despite the competition. The tender board will back you even when you don’t meet all the requirements.

  3. · Stabilize your company/ organization to make it tender biding ready.· Don’t you wonder when some companies are considered even with not enough security like revenue, manpower and more?

  4. · My tender Dua/prayer strengthens your previous projects building a good profile for your and increasing your chances for referral and future jobs.

  5. · Attract more tenders (jobs) from the same board through selective tenders.· Have you competitors used bribes; worry not this tender winning Dua/prayer has got you covered.

  6. · Protect your income, make profits and make more investment to grow your firm.

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