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Jinn also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies (with the broader meaning of spirits or demons, depending on source), are supernatural creatures in early medieval times, mythology and theology.

According to religious beliefs jinn are like other creatures they have tribes’ communities; they eat marry and even procreate. Just like human GOD/ALLAH granted them free will and upon their death, they will be judged according to their deeds. We should know that jinn can see human and human are not able to see these jinn according to Quran, Suleiman’s story (king Solomon in bible).

Whoever you believer who don't accept the presence of djinn/jinn, after being taught by ullamahs like Dr honey love you become a non-believer{kafir}. For example, king Solomon {Silliman} ruled jinn performing different things for him and the disobedient ones he chained them. Djinns/jinn can be manipulated to do good or bad by people who come into possession or control of them.

What Bad jinn/djinn can inflict on humans

This is a jinni that affects humans negatively, they do is independently or may be sent by someone to do their bidding. A lot people get complication in their lives as an attribute to these bad jinn/djinns. Since these jinn are given freedom to do what they want, some choose to be good and be faithful to God while other choose the life of disobedience. Bad jinn do a lot of evil things to human as shown below;

Possession; possession is a common thing nowadays; jinn take control of humans and even animals. It has been seen worldwide. There are instances where these jinn get attracted and end up falling in love with humans hence possessing them.

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Loss of love is also been attributed to jinn; some people end up not getting engaged with fellow human. There some stories that been narrated that some individual got entangled in relation with jinn, these jinn are for seducing men marrying them leaving one with no love for fellow humans

Bad luck brings about a lot of negativity in one’s life, you find that everything you try to do doesn’t do through, you deal fail, opportunities just pass you, it like there is a dark cloud in your life. This is brought about bad jinn that become in hinder in your life.

Sickness; people all over the world are suffering due to some chronic illnesses, they have spent a lot of money searching and getting treatment these illnesses like stroke, heart problems, blindness, madness among others. There a lot some bizarre sickness like some people develop big swellings in their bodies (legs, arms, back, and neck), a lot of pain, difficulties in breathing and unfortunately when one goes for check up to examine the illness the doctor find nothing yet one can be seen suffering in agony due to illness. These definitely is work of bad jinn which make some people’s lives unbearable.

Theft; as hardworking as one may be, life can be frustrating when your hard work for is going to waste like one be making a lot of money but there is no progress in life due to theft. There many instances we hear a lot people losing money, property, and their wealth due to bad jinn hence making many to be broke.

Marriage; marriage is an important aspect of life though it has challenges. There some people who have failed to get soulmates due to bad jinn intruding in to their lives. Once these jinn get an interest in you and you’re not yet married, it makes life difficult for you, it chases all chances of getting a companion. And for who already married, bad jinn can spoil one’s marriage by making one to lose interest, love and attraction in your marriage hence leading to divorce.

Infertility; some people have been trying to have children, they tried many methods, medication and a lot advice but all in vein. These bad jinn make women Burren and men impotent making life really frustrating.

Accidents: these are common in most place, a lot of people have lost their lives to these accidents caused by jinn, these jinn have the ability to move objects of any weight hence leading to catastrophic injuries or even death.

Evil; have you ever asked yourself why some people are heartless, envious, jealous, and a lot of rage. Well, all these are about due to the influence of bad jinn in your life. Someone becomes totally evil and ends up having only bad thought that can lead into outrageous action.

Good jinn do tremendous things in our lives

Most people have a bad perception toward the aspect of jinn, as the saying goes, most people are afraid of the they don’t understand. There are many good thing jinn does for us humans as shown below.

Money and wealth; there are here says in the Arab peninsular about people using jinn to acquire wealth. This has been proven to be true, jinn make you prosperous and succeed in any thing you’re trying to accomplish. That’s why you see a lot wealthy people are Arabs. This is possible for everyone who need a jinni for wealth and money, Dr. Honey love can help you.

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money and gold by Dr. honey love

Fame; almost everyone in this world loves the stoplight, have you ever asked yourself how its possible for someone to gets famous even in a shortest period of time? Well you know the answer to that. Take for instance musicians, writers, sports men, entrepreneurs, actors & actresses, philosophers to mention but a few acquire the fame through jinn, the good jinn enhance their talents, making them good at what the do hence being famous.

Protection; most people worry a lot about the bad things that can happen to them, their families, property and wealth. Nowadays most people opt to use jinn instead of security guard for protection. Jinn are used to protect our lives, property and wealth. Due to their outstanding strength and swiftness, they are able outsmart and say what lies ahead. One’s protection is assured and 100% guaranteed.

Love and Attraction; The rich men want it, the wise men know it, the poor all need it, and the kind men show it, what is it? well, we all know that love make people go nuts, people most frequent ask love related question like how can I attract a girl, who can I make him/her love me. Some times you ask your why a very beautiful success lay would fall in love or get attracted to mediocre. These mediocre or average people use jinn to get love or attract the ones they love.

Healing; a lot of strange diseases have been discovered, some of them can’t even be seen or detected by medical equipment. Some instances people have opted to use jinn for medication of these diseases, jinn have knowledge beyond human understanding making possible for sickness to be cured. Let dr. honey love heal you using jinn.

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